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Examples Of Business To Consumer (B2C) E-commerce

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Examples Of Business To Consumer (B2C) E-commerce that means commerce between a business and individual consumers. It refers to the exchange of products or services from businesses to end-consumers, i.e, retailing. We once used this term to describe commerce between traditional brick and mortar retailers and people who walk in.

Examples Of Business To Consumer (B2C) E-commerce

Business to consumer (B2C) refers to the transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers. The business to consumer as a business model differs significantly from the business-to-business model, which refers to commerce between two or more businesses

Examples of B2C businesses are everywhere. Exclusively online retailers include Newegg.com, Overstock.com, Wish, and ModCloth, but other major B2C brick-and-mortar businesses like Staples, Wal-Mart, Target, REI, and Gap.

Benefits of B2C

  1. Expansion of niche marketing opportunities
  2. Expansion of the marketplace to global proportions
  3. Greater customer loyalty
  4. Cheaper electronic transactions

Features of B2C

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Short sales cycle
  3. Clear target market
  4. Lower risk and costs of entry
  5. Potential for emotional and impulse purchases
  6. Mass/ consumer media marketing strategy
  7. Price-sensitive customers

Benefit of B2C eCommerce is the global reach it has, No Physical Overheads, More Data to Profile Customers, Trackable Marketing. B2C businesses need to know who their customers are, what preferences and pain points they have, what they want, and where to find them.


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